Point of Sale Assembly

Follow our handy guide below in order to assemble your point of sale correctly to maximise customer accessibility & sales.

POS Assembly Backboard

Fitting The Backboard

Our customised logoed backboard seamlessly integrates with your point of sale unit, effortlessly sliding into place to enhance brand visibility and aesthetic appeal. With precision engineering and sleek design, it offers a seamless solution for showcasing your logo while optimizing space and functionality at the point of sale.

POS Assembly Inserts

Add The Inserts

Our modular inserts provide a versatile solution for organizing and displaying products within your point of sale system. Designed to seamlessly fit into the unit, these inserts offer customizable configurations to accommodate various product sizes and types. With easy installation and durable construction, they ensure efficient use of space while enhancing the presentation of your merchandise, optimizing the retail experience for both customers and staff alike.

POS Assembly Products

Display Your Branded Merchandise

Integrating your branded merchandise into our point of sale inserts is a surefire way to elevate your retail environment. Elevate your brand presence and drive sales by seamlessly integrating your branded merchandise into your point of sale.

Replenish Your Point of Sale